The first Okinawa Izakaya in HK

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Serving Only the Best Ingredient

from fresh seafood to delicious meats

We offer a multitude of Japanese dishes using fresh ingredients and provide you with a wide selection of sakes, draft beers, highballs and shochus to pair with different delicious foods.

About EN TST

As one of our first shops to open in Hong Kong, EN TST is where you can expect to find the most amount of authentic Okinawan dishes among all our shops. Customers can also choose from our daily, fresh seafood selection and request for them to be prepared in their preferred method ranging from sashimi to grilled.

Our restaurant’s music and atmosphere resembles the many Izakaya restaurants in Okinawa and Japan, and serves to create a fun and exciting space where people can drink and dine together as friends and families.

Signature Shabu Shabu

We also fully recommend our customers to try our free-flow shabu shabu where you can taste the tenderness of Miyazaki Wagyu and Okinawan Pork.

Fresh from Japan

The ingredients are mainly imported fresh seafood from Japan on a regular basis, prepared and cooked to perfection by our well-trained chefs.